Recycling & Materials

Serving commercial, municipal, federal and residential customers in Western Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut and neighboring areas – safely, reliably, on schedule and on budget

lv 3Marion Excavation’s Recycling & Material Facility is open to the public.
Located next to 749 New Ludlow Road, South Hadley, MA.

Recycling Facility Phone

Current Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday  7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday – Reopening on Saturdays for the Fall on September 10th, 7am to 12.


Call for the most up to date price list. Pricing based mostly in tons.


Materials Available – Stones, Sands, Base Materials, Soils, Etc.

3/8″ Peastone

1.5″ Stone

3/4″ Stone

Stone Dust







Stones Common Uses:

Stone Dust: Walkways, Patios

3/4″ Stone: Washed, Landscaping, Drainage, Driveways

3/8″ Stone: Washed Pea stone, Landscaping, Drainage, Driveways

1.5″ Stone: Washed, Landscaping, Drainage, Driveways

Boulders: Decorative Landscaping (not pictured) (all shapes/sizes/colors)   


Mason Sand

Yellow Sand

Concrete Sand

General Fill        







Sands Common Uses:

Mason Sand: Masonry; Mortar; Livestock Paddocks; Play Yards/ Sandboxes; Brick/Block/Stone Work

Yellow Sand: Pool Liner, Sandbox, Volleyball, Livestock Bedding

Concrete Sand: Ready Mix Concrete, Septic Fill

General Fill: Raise Grades, Backfill Foundation, Contains Rock/Sticks


3/4″ Hardpac

1.5″ Hardpac

3/4″ Crushed Concrete

1.5″ Crushed Concrete

Bank Run Gravel














Base Materials Common Uses:

3/4″ Hardpac: Recycled Asphalt, Asphalt Base Material, Packs well, Grades Easy

1.5″ Hardpac: Recycled Asphalt, Asphalt Base Material, Packs well, Grades Easy

3/4″ Crushed Concrete: Recycled Concrete, Concrete Base Material, Packs well, Grades Easy

1.5″ Crushed Concrete: Recycled Concrete, Concrete Base Material, Packs well, Grades Easy

Bank Run Gravel: 6″ Minus Gravel, Common Clean Fill, Base Material, River Bank Restoration

Millings: Reclaimed Asphalt, Driveways, Will “Melt” Back Together

1.5″ Processed Gravel: (Not Pictured) Driveways, Asphalt Base, Packs Well, Grades Easy

Dense Grade Base: Driveways, Asphalt Base









Screened Loam: Top Soil, Fill Lawn Areas, Grows Grass, Gardens

Unscreened Loam: Natural Loam Will Contain Sticks and Rock

Clay: When Available


Other Materials Available

  • Clear Lane Salt, regular salt, winter sand, sand and salt mix (seasonal)
  • Screenings and Traprocks also available

Materials Accepted (all disposal loads must be CLEAN – free of trash, brush, wood, etc)

  • Concrete rubble or slabs
  • Asphalt
  • Bricks

Call for disposal pricing  413-532-0698

Accepted Forms of Payment
Cash • check • debit and credit cards (including American Express and Discover cards)